Releasing the MAC function keys to the virtual machine

How can I use the function keys F11, F12 in RADAR when they are assigned to my MAC dashboard

Certain function keys, such as F12, are hooked to the dashboard of your Mac.  If you need to use them in Radar, they need to be released by replacing them with a different function key on the Mac.


In order to release the function keys or key combinations (Shift/Ctrl) to your virtual machine (VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop) on the Mac:

  1. Click on the Apple
  2. Choose System Preferences
  3. Dashboard & Exposé
  4. If F12 is assigned to Dashboard for example, click on the arrow to display the list of  F keys and click on another.
  5. Close Dashboard & Exposé and return to Radar where you will now be able to use the F12 key.

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Entry from: 07.07.2009
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