How to use Radar when not Admin

How to configure Windows for a user who is not admin to run Radar

For a user without admin rights to use Radar, you need to do the following:

  1. Log on as admin
  2. Open the Windows explorer (My Computer)
  3. In the menu of the Windows explorer, click on Tools, Folder Options, click on the View tab.  At the end of the list of Advanced settings, untick the line "Use simple file sharing"
  4. Click on the Apply button, then on OK
  5. Next go to the C:\Radar folder and click right
  6. In the pop up menu, click on Sharing and Security
  7. Click on the Security tab
  8. You need to find the person for whom you want to administer rights in the list of users.
  9. If the person is not in the list, then click on Add and type what you think is the User name and click on Check Name to display the complete account name.
  10. Once the name is in the list, select it and in the Permissions table, tick "Allow full control"
  11. Click on Apply and then OK to record these settings.

IMPORTANT: this is not possible with Windows XP Home Edition

If you have problems finding the username in step 9 let the user log on and follow our article about whoami.

Entry from: 18.05.2009
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