Error 339 in Scholten

Component "Comdlg32.ocx" or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered:

When you start Scholten, this error message displays:

Error 339 in Scholten


Copy the COMDLG32.ocx file in the C:\Windows\system32 folder

Click once on the file link below and save it in your C:\Windows\system32 folder:


Having done this, if you are still being warned that Comdlg32.ocx is not correctly registered, then one possible reason is that the user is not Administrator.  So log off and on again as Administrator

Under Windows 7

To correct error 339 in an installation under Windows 7, click right on the Scholten icon, click on Properties, Compatibility tab and change the compatibility to XP SP2


Entry from: 15.01.2009
This entry is located in category: installation

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