How can I transfer my personal information?

When I update Radar on a new computer, I want to be sure all my personal information is transferred

If you want to make sure that all your personal information, such as cases, patient files, personal authors and remedies you have created in the Synthesis, is transferred when you install on a NEW computer, then make a backup of the COMPLETE Radar installation first.


  1. Close Radar
  2. Open the Windows Explorer
  3. Copy the whole Radar folder, including all the sub-folders and files onto a USB memory stick or burn a DVD.
  4. Paste the Radar folder, including all sub folders and files onto the new computer.
  5. Install the update on the new computer

Installation Manual

This is explained in full detail in the Radar Installation manual which displays when you install the update to Radar 10.

The installation manual can also be viewed on the installation CD in the Setup folder in the pdf document InstallNotes1.pdf.

Or click on this link to read about transferring personal data.

Transferring Personal Data


Entry from: 04.08.2008
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