Operation Timed Out

Live Update displays the message "The operation timed out"

When the Live Update starts, a small window RadarDll displays with the message "The operation timed out" and you are unable to download the Radar updates and free notes.


  1. Close the Live Update window and close Radar
  2. Open the Windows Explorer
  3. Open the C:\Radar\Bin folder
  4. Double click on the radar.ini file in the Bin folder
  5. In the radar.ini file, search for the word Passive
  6. In place of Passive=0, put Passive=1
  7. Close and save the radar.ini file
  8. Start Radar

If the Live Update does not start automatically, in the Radar menu click on Help, Live Update to open the Radar Live Update window.  Click on the Check for Updates button



Entry from: 25.06.2008
This entry is located in category: Live Update

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