With a resolution of 800x1200 EH 2.2 does not fill the whole desktop

The EH screen does not display correctly

Part of the EH screen is not visible.

First of all, check which version of EH you have as follows:

Start EH
In the EH menu, click on Help and then About Encyclopedia Homeopathica
Check the version number
If it is lower than 2.2.1, you can update it

Click here to download the EH 2.2.1 version

Save the file on your desktop and then double click on it and follow the installation instructions.

Next, in the EH program, click on Tools, Options and click on the Display icon on the left
Choose a 800 x 600 desktop theme and click on OK
Then close EH

Start the Windows explorer (or click on My Computer) and navigate to C:\EH
In the C:\EH folder, locate the eh.ini (configuration settings) file.
Double click on the file to open it
Under the first line [Display] make sure that ExtendToDesktopSize=1

If this line = 0, change it to 1.

Exit the eh.ini file saving the change if necessary.

Restart EH

Entry from: 16.05.2007
This entry is located in category: General Information

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