Add a Personal Keynote to a Personal Remedy

How can I add a short text to a personal remedy?


In the Radar menu, click on View and choose Remedy Catalogue.

In the abbreviation field, type rmd and choose the first empty user defined remedy ... rmd01, rmd02 etc.

Click on Edit and type in an abbreviation for your remedy and a name.

Again in abbreviation, type the abbreviation you have given your remedy, the abbreviation appears in the box below.

Select the abbreviation with the mouse and drag it to the keynotes icon on the left hand side of the screen (under Clipboard 10)

The select keynotes window opens. Choose personal keynotes and click on OK to open a new window where you can type personal comments and observations.

Press "save" to save your comments.



Entry from: 10.05.2007
This entry is located in category: General Information, Keynotes

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