Unable to open Log File (H-14, H-17, H-19)

Unable to open Log File (H-14, H-17, H-19)

Error while opening Log File


The log file is damaged and needs to be repaired

Occuring when

When making additions in Synthesis


Note: if you are using a different version of Synthesis, replace SE92 by your version of Synthesis, as can be seen in the list of repertories in Radar.

  1. Close Radar
  2. Open the Windows Explorer and delete the following file : C:\RADAR\LOG\SE92.idx
  3. Start the "Repertory Utilities" program (Start, Programs, Archibel software, Repertory Utilities ) select Schroyens F. Synthesis Treasure Edition SE92 and click on OK
  4. In the menu, click on Repair and select Advanced Repair selection
  5. Untick the boxes in the System and Personal tables
  6. Click on the Repair button
  7. When the message "Table ... successfully rebuilt" appears click OK and quit the program
  8. Restart Radar

If, however, the Repertory Utilities program is unable to repair the log file, then it is necessary to replay the Synthesis log file from a previous backup.

  1. Close Radar
  2. Start Repertory Utilities as described above
  3. Click on Update and select Update Repertory from another log file
  4. In the select log file window, browse to your log file backup (on a USB stick or in the Radar backup folder for instance) and choose SE92.dat and click on Open
  5. In the log file preferences window, carefully check all the different settings (make sure the backup is ticked) and click on OK

Once the backup log file has been reinjected, Repertory Utilities will create two reports: SE92.rpt giving a summary of additions and SE92.err giving the detailed list of additions that were not inserted, thus enabling you to re-encode them manually if necessary.


  • Radar

Operating system

  • Any Windows OS

Entry from: 17.11.2006
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