Cannot open keynotes: file '..\data\keynotes\personal\ or \radar4'

Impossible to open the Keynotes files or the Keynotes do not appear in the list


The keynotes files are damaged and need to be repaired

Occurs when

You try to open the Personal or Radar Keynotes


The keynote files are damaged and need to be repaired.  Please do the following:

  1. Close Radar
  2. Click on Start, Programs, Archibel Software (or Radar) and select Repertory Utilities
  3. Select the Synthesis 9.2 repertory and click on OK
  4. In the menu, click on Repair and then Advanced repair
  5. Click on the button Deselect all and then select the option Personal keynotes
  6. Click on Repair
  7. when the repair process is complete, click on OK and close the program
  8. Restart Radar



  • Radar

Operating system

  • Any Windows OS


Entry from: 17.11.2006
This entry is located in category: Keynotes, Edit Keynotes

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