How can I paste a repertorization into a PowerPoint presentation?

How to paste a repertorisation into PowerPoint?


There are several ways to paste information from Radar, EH or WinChip into a PowerPoint presentation.
If you are teaching, it is best to import just a screen copy from the program,  otherwise your information will be unreadable.

Whether for Radar or EH, first make sure that the information is easily readable on your computer screen.
In EH, click on the icon with the letter A to enlarge fonts.
In Radar, use "Options - Font and colors" and/or "Options - Repertory window" to configure your repertory screen.

Copy the screen to the Windows clipboard.
The easiest way to do this is to press the "Print Screen" button.
This button can be found on your keyboard (usually on the right upper row). With some computers you need to press shift-Print Screen.

Paste the contents of the Radar or EH screen into your PowerPoint presentation.
In PowerPoint insert a new slide (Insert - New slide). Choose a blank slide or one with title only (if you want to use a title).
Press ctrl-V to paste the content of the Windows Clipboard into this slide.

If you prefer you can edit the picture before inserting it into PowerPoint (such as limiting it to only a section, adding an arrow, etc.).
In order to do so you will need to use a special Image editing program to copy, edit, and then paste the screen contents.
One we can recommend is the program 20/20 from byLight Inc. (more info at


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