Minimum requirements for EH 2.2

Minimum requirements for EH 2.2


To use EH you need at least the following computer configuration:

• Pentium or compatible processor (Pentium II or above recommended)
• At least 64 megabytes of memory (RAM) (128Mb or more is preferable)
• Microsoft Windows 95-OSR2, 98, Millennium Edition, NT4, 2000, XP Home or Pro
• A video resolution of 800*600 pixels with “High Color (16-bit)”
Note: Do not use "large fonts" in the Windows "Display settings"
• A floppy drive and a CD-ROM drive
• Up to 1.2 gigabytes of available disk space, depending on the number of books that you have access to. More space is needed if national databases are installed in addition to the English databases.

Entry from: 13.11.2006
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