On/Off-line start

RadarOpus cannot open database when your computer switches between on and off-line.

Make the following changes in the DbConnect file:

Click on Start -> Computer and go to the folder \RadarOpus\Config or if you are using a Mac Applications -> RadarOpus -> Config.
In this folder you will find a file called DbConnect
Open it with Notepad or TextEdit (right click and choose Open with ....)

Add these two lines:

If the lines already exist, check the values are as above.

Open VirtualBox -> File -> Preferences -> Network

Check that the VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter is present. If there are several cards, delete all those followed by #X leaving only the original card if it is present. If there is no original card, it will appear after you have carried out the next step.

Now check the network connections: click on Start and in the command line type ncpa.cpl.

Delete all VirtualBox Host-Only Network #X cards and make sure that the original VirtualBox Host-Only Network is enabled.

How to prevent VirtualBox from killing the Internet connection (frequent issue on Toshibas)

Shutdown any guests and close VirtualBox
Open the Device Manager and enable "show hidden devices"
Scroll down to "non-plug and play devices"
Select virtualbox usb monitor double or right click properties select "driver" tab and stop the service
Change "startup" to "disabled"

Entry from: 28.06.2012
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