Error 0x8002000B Invalid Index

Error message occurring during the installation of Radar

If during the installation of Radar you have the error message 0x8002000B Invalid Index, do the following:

  1. Open the Windows Explorer
  2. Go to C:\Archinst
  3. Open EH.inst
  4. Open the file pckg.ini
  5. Delete the line containing Skn14
  6. Close and save the ini file
  7. Go back to \Archinst and start the installation again by clicking on the setup.exe file
  8. Continue the installation as normal

Note: this occurs because the EH Sankaran package is on the Programs DVD.  We corrected this by moving it to DVD Data 29

Affects productions made week 35-2009 with access to Sankaran.

If you do not find the line containing Skn14 in pckg.ini go to c:\archinst\rad_inst and open the file setup8.ini. Delete the line Repertory10007=1. Then go back to c:\archinst and start setup.exe.


Entry from: 27.08.2009
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