Cannot start WinChip 2.8 Pro since Live Update 10.0.033


You have WinChip 2.8 Pro and Radar 10 and you execute the live update to 10.0.033

The live update 10.0.033 also tries to update WinChip to version 3.1.03.  As you do not have WinChip 3.0, the update fails and you can no longer start WinChip 2.8


Before installing, the live update makes a backup of important information in the \Radar\Backup folder. It is called Automatic followed by the date (year-month-day) on which the live update was done.  This is where you will find the old WinChip folders.  To restore the old version of WinChip:

   1. Close Radar and WinChip
   2. Open the Windows Explorer (click on My Computer)
   3. Navigate to C:\RADAR\backup\AUTOMATIC-2009-xx-xx
   4. Copy the WinChip folder
   5. Paste the WinChip folder in C:\Radar\WinChip

Entry from: 27.07.2009
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