How can I change the font sizes in my programs?

Change your font size when you use the program to teach

Changing the font size of the Repertory

In the Radar menu select: Options, Font and colors
In the Fonts and Colors window, click on the double arrow >> to transfer all the items to the right.
Not all information in the repertory window needs to be enlarged, so select
the following 4 items and click on the the single arrow < to move them back to
the left:

  • Author abbreviation
  • Author with a note
  • Remedies with Author reference
  • Cross References language 1

Click on the Font button.

In the size box select or type 18, which is large enough for a small class room.
Click on ‘Apply’, then ‘Close’. 

If you are satisfied with these settings, save them via the menu Options, then
Save settings.
Choose a file name, for example: Teach18

When you want to use these settings for teaching, open Radar and in the
menu click on Options, Recall settings

You can also recall these settings automatically via the Radar icon on your desktop.

Position the mouse on the Radar icon, click right, choose Properties

In the Target box, after radar.exe type the following /i(name of ini file) followed by the abbreviation of the repertories you want to open automatically when starting Radar.  For example:

C:\RADAR\Bin\radar.exe /iTeach18.ini SE92 MUE300

Click here to read our illustrated explanation

Change the font size of the Analysis

You can enlarge the analysis window with the % button.

Change the font size of EH

In the EH program you can use the zoom buttons A and A to adjust the font size.
Remember that for the people in the back rows it needs to be very large !

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