The Importance of a Good Backup

Why is it important to make regular backups?

Important Information

We strongly advise you to make a backup on your hard disk every day or at least every week.

If you store detailed patient information on your computer, for example in Winchip, you should make a backup every day, or even twice a day!

If you loose information you can always recuperate it from one of your backups.

Computers are notoriously unreliable; they might be stable for many years, but nobody is protected one hundred percent from an incident such as a hard disk crash or a virus infection which will happen without any warning.


Making a backup on your hard disk is good protection, but it is much safer to make the backup on some kind of external support such as:

  1. a USB memory stick
  2. a CD/DVD
  3. an external hard disk

We also recommend that you keep at least the last 3 backups.

Click here to read our detailed document about making a backup.

Entry from: 20.12.2007
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