Scholten will not start

I have installed Scholten under Windows Vista and the program will not Start or asks for a site key


In general, the Scholten program is not Vista compatible. 

It will not recognise the Hasp key and asks instead for a site key.  Although it will start once the site key has been copied into the User License Windows, the next time the program is opened it will again ask for a new site key.

Possible Solutions

In some cases it is possible to get the program running by changing the compatibility:

Point the mouse at the Scholten icon on the desktop and click right to open the drop down menu and choose properties.
Click the compatibility tab, tick the "Run this program in compatibility mode" box and change compatibility to Windows 98
Press the Apply button and then OK

Also try inserting a new site key.  Contact Archibel via the Ticketing system with the current site code and we will supply a new site key. Click here to write a ticket:



Happens with

Windows Vista

Entry from: 05.12.2007
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