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RADAR homeopathic software

RADAR and EH - the cutting edge software for your daily homeopathic practise - easy, fast and reliable. Check out the latest features of:
Encylopaedia Homeopathica (EH) 2.2

Homeopathic information

homeopathy repertory and radar-modules

The most advanced homeopathic sources and techniques - right at your fingertips:
Synthesis Treasure Edition (including Kents long lost corrections)
Advanced techniques and modules.

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Latest version of EH

Check out the latest version of EH now by visiting the EH 2.2 page!

Latest version of Radar

Check out the latest version of Radar now by visiting the Radar 10 page!

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Lisa C. Fortes-Schramm – Portland – USA

I am a student of Dr. Will Taylor. He speaks highly of your product. So far, I agree!

Thais Santos - Killarney vale – Australia

Absolutely fantastic book!

Thank you so much for sharing all this amazing knowledge to the world!!